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…Many people have remarked that they wished they could have had an opportunity to know James Haskins. He was an immensely private person, and so even those of us who were friends and colleagues will have to wonder if we ever really knew him.  Regardless, his loss is immeasurable. 

True, his physical body has departed, but even truer, his spirit remains to guard his dreams and guide those of us willing to listen and willing to do our homework. 

His presence resides now at the University of Florida in the African American Studies Program’s James Haskins Visiting Scholar Fellowship and in the George A. Smathers Libraries’ James Haskins Collection in African American Literature.  A strong legacy continues.” 

©2005 Irma McClaurin, excerpted from “Monumentum,” A Celebration of the Life of James Haskins, September 19, 2005, University of Florida.

--Photo Opt Courtesy of NJCHS.ORG


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