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This engaging ethnography is set in the remote district of Toledo in Belize, Central America, by Irma McClaurin, where three women weave personal stories about the events in their lives. Each describes her experiences of motherhood, marriage, family illness, emigration, separation, work, or domestic violence that led her to recognize gender inequality and then to do something about it. All three challenge the culture of gender at home and in the larger community (back cover).

"Women of Belize is an interesting ethnography about a population that is normally not reported about." ~Reader/

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 Civil Rights Movement and Facing the Future; Click here for purchase information

"From slavery to freedom to the arduous battle for civil rights, the ten-volume Drama of African-American History series traces the black American experience from its roots to the present day. Five titles are available now..." 

Marshall Cavendish, Website

  "Walking in Zora's Shoes or 'Seek[ing] Out de Inside Meanin' of Words": The Intersections of Anthropology, Ethnography, Identity, and Writing."

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 Forthcoming: "I am America too": A compilatin of essays on art, politics, and culture. 

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"In this volume, Irma McClaurin has collected-for the first time-essays that explore the role and contributions of black feminist anthropologists. She has asked her contributors to disclose how their experiences as black women have influenced their anthropological practice in Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States, and how anthropology has influenced their development as black feminists."

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole,


Selected an  "Outstanding Academic Title," Choice Magazine, 2002