Why we can’t ‘get over it,’ have a Kumbaya moment

This commentary is part four of a four part series on racism and the over-policing of African-Americans and other people of color. America is not ready for a Kumbaya moment.

And Black and Brown people who are experiencing racism can’t “get over it.” Racism is real. White privilege is real. And these ideologies and practices and structures that have shaped American culture for centuries – and continue today to do so – impact our lives as Black and Brown people in large and small ways.

Right now in this country, among Black and Brown people there is a very strong sentiment (with justification) that structural racism in the form of grand juries or police internal affairs appear to affirm police action for what we (as the recipient of police violence and use of excessive force) perceive to be public executions of Black and Brown people.

In no way does this allegation of police violence justify criminal behavior or retaliation against police.
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Originally published: Insight News,