"A friend asked me how being an African American woman is like being an anthropologist? I had not thought the two bore any resemblance to each other, but upon reflection, I see connections. Anthropologists have the task of inserting themselves into communities where they do not fit automatically. In this respect, I have spent the vast majority of my life adapting to and intruding myself upon places where unwelcome signs abounded. As anthropologists often do, I have had to learn other languages (both real and symbolic). My own consisted of the symbols and gestures of race, gender, and class."

Excerpt from: Through One's Own Life Lens (unpublished essay, 1993)." ~Irma

Photo Opt: Irma (C) with Dr. Yolanda Moses, first Black President of The American Anthropology Association, (R) and originator of the Race exhibit idea, and Dr. Arlene Torres (L) at Race on Capitol Hill