This commentary is part three of a four part series on racism and the over-policing of African-Americans and other people of color.

Peacefully protesting the injustices by the police towards Black suspects (who have not been convicted of a crime) and seeking equal treatment under the law is the right of every American citizen.

Black Lives Matter cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals who may use the cover of protests for their own agenda. And it is wrong for law enforcement and the media to create connections where none exist between peaceful protests and civil disobedience and the criminal act of violence against police. When any citizen (Black or white) takes justice into his or her own hands, it is vigilantism pure and simple and violates our rule of law. However, we also must hold police accountable when there is an obvious pattern of mistreatment (that may not be perceived as illegal) but certainly is clear indication of unconscious bias and an unequal enforcement of the law when applied to Black and Brown people.

America needs a healing. America needs a healing, to reclaim our humanity.
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