What really happened during the Sept. 26 debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Lester Holt allowed himself be intimidated by all the pre-media critiques and let Trump have his way. Why not just tell the man, “no” when he kept inserting his comments or take it out of his time for the next response? Instead, Trump was allowed to continue his political strategy of verbal bullying, non sequitur logic and making inappropriate sounds when his opponent spoke.

Without a doubt, Clinton stood strong and got some good jabs in at Trump. She pointed out his xenophobia with his call for President Obama’s birth certificate, his sexism with the adjectives he uses to describe women, his racism with the law suits against him for discrimination (to which Trump replied, “we settled but never admitted guilt”) and his classism in bilking architects and workers out of wages for their labor on his infamous projects. Good job Hilary.

But you, too, have a long way to go on the road to trust and righteousness. Under the Bill Clinton administration, Blacks were adversely impacted by some of the most draconian policies around welfare and incarceration since the 1950s. You need to speak to how you will distance yourself from these policies of the last Clinton president, and make things right.
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