Every parent of color hopes that their children will grow up without
lakota2 copyexposure to the brutality of racism and other forms of social injustice. That is the promise we hold when we give birth to them and first grasp their tiny hands and look into their eyes as parents. Few parents of color, however, are so lucky and can chronicle example upon example of micro-aggressions to which our children are subjected. My own children experienced such moments in their formative years at school: “what if I call you the ‘N’ word,” taunts of “Medusa” for having cornrow hair or wearing braids, and many more affronts throughout their youthful years, some of which they never disclosed. What we as parents of color pray is that our children never have to face a full frontal attack of racial slurs and the potential for violence. Although my children are now adults, and may face the same challenges as I when they have children, I’m still a parent, and it wrenches my heart to know that children from an American Indian school in South Dakota were the most recent recipients of the latest social injustice assaults that seems to be spreading like wildfire across this country.
Original Post: Insightnews,
Friday, 06 February 2015 11:32
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