Ervin D. Fowlkes Sr. in Birmingham, Alabama, USA,
on 3 May 1963, being attacked by police dogs during a civil rights prot

No Domestic Tranquility for our Black sons
They are not insurgents. They are not enemy combatants. They are not hostile enemy forces. They are not terrorists. They are our Black sons. And I beg you America to stop killing them in their own backyards, in the streets outside of nightclubs, on the phone talking to their girlfriend, and a few blocks from convenience stores from which they may or may not have stolen cigars. They do not deserve to die for such trivial incidents. Stop it.
Stop killing our Black sons.

They are the babies whom we carried in our wombs for nine months and birthed them into a world we thought was filled with hopes and dreams, and promises of a better future, and a better life.
Stop killing our Black sons. 
Original Post: Insightnews; Tuesday, 26 August 2014 15:19
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