"I want my home to reflect to me what’s beautiful and inspiring in the world." Zena Carlota

What we surround ourselves with and what we put into the spaces we live in speaks to who we are, what we are feeling and is a form of interpersonal communications.  Anthropologists believe space speaks and so we study "proxemics," coined by Edward T. Hall in the mid-1960s.  According to wikipedia, Hall believed that "the study of proxemics is valuable in evaluating not only the way people interact with others in daily life, but also "the organization of space in [their] houses and buildings, and ultimately the layout of [their] towns."[4]."  

You heard her sing in an earlier post, now Zena Carlota's takes us on a journey of how she creates a living space that  feeds her soul and nurtures her spirit. When was the last time you really looked at your space? Read more